Research Council

The Orthopaedic Research Council was created to bring together clinicians and researchers throughout our greater IU/IUH orthopaedic group (affiliate, volunteer, adjunct, and full-time interested in research) to facilitate collaborations, leverage resources, identify needs, and help translate research into the clinical arena.

Our group has expanded on this initial mission to reach out to the greater musculoskeletal research community at IUSM. We have hosted events to increase informal interactions between clinicians and basic scientists as well as hosting a Musculoskeletal Research Symposium (May 21, 2015) where all musculoskeletal researchers are invited to share their ongoing research interests. It is hoped that these events lead to the development of new collaborative opportunities including more team science approaches to musculoskeletal problems with the hope of improving patient care and outcomes.

MSK Research Faculty Directory


Musculoskeletal Research Symposium


May 21, 2015
Riley Outpatient Center auditorium

All school-wide MSK faculty are invited to give short presentations on their MSK-related research interests. Residents, graduate students, post-docs and research technicians/coordinators of the faculty are invited to attend. This is intended to be an experience where both the basic science and clinical faculty from all departments and schools can come and learn what others are doing, with the eventual hope of fostering further collaborative efforts.

2015 Agenda

1120 W. Michigan Street, Room 600 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Adult: (317) 944-9400 | Pediatrics: (317) 948-2550