Research Faculty


   Melissa Kacena, Ph.D.

 Associate Professor of Othopaedic Surgery, Anatomy and Cell Biology and Biomedical Engineering

In collaboration with NASA and the Department of Defense, Dr. Kacena is heading up a project to take orthopaedic research to the International Space Station as part of a mission on the SpaceX10 (scheduled for launch in August 2016).  

Adjunct research faculty             
 Associate Professor of
 Restorative Dentistry

 Adjunct Associate Professor of
 Orthopaedic Surgery
  Burr2.png David B. Burr, PhD
 Professor of Biomedical Engineering (Purdue University)
 Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology
 Adjunct Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Imran_sm.png Imranul Alam, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
 Shi_sm.pngShuilang Shi, PhD
 Associate Research Professor
Zhao.jpgLiming Zhao, MD
Visiting Assistant Research Faculty
  fuchs.jpg Robyn Fuchs, PhD
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

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